Didier Lacroix Born in 1959 in Poitiers, France, I am passionate, first and foremost, about music and my craft as a luthier. I was lucky enough, in the eighties, to train in both the restoration of wind instruments (brass and woodwind) as well as in string quartet instruments making.
Throughout the nineties I was a teacher at the Institut Technologique Européen des Métiers de la Musique (ITEMM), in Le Mans, where I trained the students and was responsible for the entire wind section. My work included the creation of the French national vocational training qualification in wind instrument making. I had the chance, over ten years, to pass on my skills to 200 students, mostly French but also from the EC (Belgium, Italy, Germany, Greece), Canada, Australia and Africa.
The originality of my workshop lies in this duality – a mix of string and wind instruments – to which I have remained close for 25 years. Putting aside the blowtorch to pick up a trying plane, removing dents before turning to abalone inlays is a real and rare pleasure. Covering all the aspects of my craft, from everyday maintenance to highly specialised restoration and pure creation, such is the originality of La Rose des Vents.

Even if you’re far away, don’t hesitate to contact me and I shall be pleased to help you make secure shipping arrangements for your instruments.
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